As a child growing up in Grant Town, West Virginia Viki Wallace recalls being exposed to all genres of music from classical and country to rhythm and blues. As with many great singers her first musical performances were as choir director in her local church. It was her move to Philadelphia, "the city of brotherly love" that changed her life and set the path of her career. Earning a B.A. in Music Education from Combs College of Music, Viki perfected her unique ability to entertain worldwide by singing in Japanese, Spanish, French, Italian and German.

Quickly becoming one of Philadelphia's premier vocalists led to Bruce Hawes, a producer and songwriter for Philadelphia International Records, tapping Viki to be the lead singer with the group ION. Thru their connections ION found themselves showcasing for the legendary Stevie Wonder. Stevie was so impressed with the band that Viki and ION were invited to perform at the rally which led to the recognition of Dr. Martin Luther King's birthday as a national holiday. This event, held in Washington, DC, is a landmark in American history..
Over the next several years Viki collaborated on projects with Bobby Eli, Norman Harris, Donald Robinson, John and Danny Sembello, and Sister Sledge, to name a few. Then Viki received a call from Kae Williams, best known as founder of the group Breakwater and producer of the disco hit "Catch Me I'm Falling" by Pretty Poison. Kae simply said I have a recording session I want to hire you for, are you interested? The answer, an unequivocal yes, led Viki into Sigma Sound Studios.
It was there that Kae introduced Viki to soprano saxophonist George Howard who invited her to record the duet "Brand New and All Made Over" for his debut album "Asphalt Garden," released on Palo Alto Records. Viki also credits Kae Williams for introducing her to Jacques Fred Petrus and Mario Malavasi, the executive producers of CHANGE. Viki was then recruited to replace CHANGE lead singer Debra Cooper on tour in Great Britain. CHANGE remains the most successful project of Petrus & Malavasi, was an early showcase for Luther Vandross' vocals. Best known for their hit songs "A Lovers Holiday," "The Glow Of Love" and "Searching."
Moving out of the Philly spotlight Viki spent time touring Canada with Leheigh Valley's #1 Dance band Gigolo, managed by music Mogul Buzzi Willis, perhaps best known as manager of Kool and The Gang. After making her mark as "Tori Rock" she decided to move back to Philly and reconnect with an old friend, producer and songwriter Richard Barret.
Viki enjoyed a long standing professional and personal friendship with Richard Barret until his death in 2006. Richard is known as a songwriter, manager and producer of such talented acts The Valentines, The Chantels, Frankie Lyman and the Teenagers, and Little Anthony & the Imperials. Richard is also known for being the founder and manager of the world renowned female trio The Three Degrees. Without a doubt this is the most outstanding accomplishment in Viki's career.
Viki, who had done various projects with Richard Barret prior to the Three Degrees, has musical roots that go deep. After Sheila Ferguson decided to explore a solo career Viki got an offer to from the two remaining members Valerie Holiday and Helen Scott to fly to Atlanta and take Sheila’s place on the album THE THREE DEGREES…and HOLDING, recorded on Ichiban Records. One memorable event for Viki (as part of The Three Degrees) is singing at the request of The Duchess of Gloucester. After recommending friend and musical partner Cynthia Garrison as her replacement with the Holiday/Scott Three Degrees she continued with Barrett as part of his authentic and original Three Degrees.
Music legend Richard Barret had an idea to take three teenage girls and groom them into a stylish ensemble that would represent Three Degrees of Excellence. THE THREE DEGREES, (known as Prince Charles Favorite Group after being invited to perform at his 30th birthday party at Buckingham Palace,) have recorded "When Will I See You Again" (winning the#1 slot at the Tokyo Music Festival in 1974), "Maybe," "Dirty Old Man," "Love Is The Message" and the highly recognized "TSOP" (known as the Soul Train Theme) during their on-going 40+ year career.

The "Guinness Book Of World Records" hails the Three Degrees as "the longest continually performing female trio." Into this institution Viki Wallace has made her mark as the youngest member, or as her fans call her "The Baby Degree", to record and perform with this legendary group. These remarkable ladies have entertained fans worldwide and continue to perform to this day.
Viki Wallace, the little country girl from Grant Town, West Virginia is all grown up now, and is promoting her solo debut CD titled "The Country Diva" on Mastermind Records. Produced by legendary Philly bass man Derrick Graves, Viki is now showcasing not only her tremendous vocal range on "Peace of Mind", but also her down-home piano skills on "It’s Been A Long, Long Time". Viki combines her authentic country flavor on "Livin Large" with signature club/dance riffs that compliment the rhythmic "Just Another Game". For the classic Philly soul lovers "The Country Diva" CD adds just the right amount of nostalgia with a slick re-make of The Three Degrees hit "When Will I See You" which is dedicated to the soldiers in Iraq. This cut features rapper True Sun Ali from Brooklyn, NY which brings it up to date and is sure to appeal the current hip/hop market. Viki Wallace is Philadelphia’s best kept secret, and you can now enjoy this Country Diva by purchasing her CD from